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Spring 2017 Semester

Honor Roll

Genovieve Gibson 4.00
Hendrick Haataja 3.93
Katelyn Murray 3.90
Michael Elliott 3.75
Alex Whittier 3.55
Treasure Bryge 3.49
Eunice Lee 3.22
Alexa Hickman 3.12

  Weekly  Motivational Messages

Our Motivational Advisor

Ruben Gonzalez




 Dedicated to     

  Young Cancer Survivors 

Our Vision

We envision to reach every young cancer survivor who is actively seeking for a scholarship and/or financial assistance to obtain prosthetics needing our help to continue their education for personal growth and better, brighter future.

Our Mission


Cancer Survivors' Fund provides scholarships for young cancer survivors, give them a new purpose and meaning in life and enable them to continue their college education.


Cancer Survivors' Fund provides prosthetic limbs to disadvantaged young adults.


Cancer Survivors' Fund counsels, provides emotional support, and motivates young cancer survivors and channel their thoughts and dreams to a healthy and productive future.


Cancer Survivors' Fund supports young survivors to become volunteers themselves, give others courage and hope to develop a strong willpower to continue their fight with cancer.

"I know you truly believe in me, 

and in today's world people seem to doubt people with disabilities, but you see me as a gift from God.  You are the true gift from up above, because without Cancer Survivors' Fund and my family who support me, I wouldn't be where I am today."   --Blake

Welcome to our website. Please browse around  and find out how you can get involved. 

Your involvement and support will be greatly appreciated by the young men and women who were successful in their fight with cancer receiving scholarships and other financial help from our organization. 

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2017-2018 Graduates





Genovieve Gibson

Ewing's Sarcoma Surv.

Utah State University

Logan, UT



CSF Scholarship Winners for 2018-2019 Academic Year (More coming)


Alexa Hickman

Synovial Sarcoma Surv.

Univ. of Tennessee

Chatanooga, TN 


Alex Whittier

Thyroid Cancer Surv.

Brigham Young Univ.

Provo, UT

Mechanical Engineering

Eunice Lee

Burkitt's Lymphoma Surv.

Univ. of California

Davis, CA

Human Development

Michael Elliott

Osteosarcoma Survivor

Univ. of Richmond

Richmond, VA


Summer Sexton

Retinoblastoma Surv.

Georgia Southern Univ.

Statesboro, GA 

Fine Arts


Treasure Bryge

Astrocytoma Survivor

Walsh University

North Canton, OH



CSF Prosthetic Appliance Recipients 


Jose Pacheco

Gabriela Pena

Hewy Jackson

Chris Espinoza

Umut Unver

Drew Dotzler

Wilmer Rivera

Alyssa Iacoboni

Marcus Ford

Blanca Alvarado

Camelia Cruz

Hector Castillo

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