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A Success Story - Allison Bryce

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Allison Bryce 

Winner of Fall 2007 

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation Scholarship


Allison is attending the University of Texas at San Antonio, majoring in Pre-Med.  Allison's battle with cancer has led her to pursue a career as a Pediatric Oncologist.  She has survived Ewing's Sarcoma.  In her own words:

I am a very positive and motivated student.  Most people think that I am extremely talkative and easy to get along with.  I have learned a lot from the experiences that I have had as an amputee and cancer patient; such as, not to take life for granted and not to judge people based on their appearance.

I thought that I had well-rounded life values and career goals, but that was before I was diagnosed with Ewing 's Sarcoma.  After almost a year of chemotherapy and several surgeries, reality set in that life is not all about me.  Robert Frost once said, 'In three words I can sum up everything that I learned about life:  it goes on.'  Frost was completely right, life does go on, but you also learn from the experiences that you encounter along the way.  I never realized how much my family should be cherished.  Throughout my entire treatment, I spent nearly everyday with my family.  They all took care of me and supported me through the good and the bad days.  I helped them find humor in the situation and they helped me discover new hope in every day.  I know that if any of my family ever got sick, I will be there to take care of them exactly how they took care of me.

Like the majority of teenage girls, I was constantly worried about bad hair days and which pair of shoes would compliment my outfit best.  After losing my hair, I found out that I should have been grateful to have had hair all along.  Then after I lost my left leg below the knee, I finally understood one of my parents' favorite sayings, 'I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.'  Looks are not the only part of a person that matter.  The truth is that the outside is just a shell that covers the greatness that lies within.

I have always felt that my future holds great things.  I have numerous interest; therefore, I was never positive about what I wanted to do with my life, until I was diagnosed with cancer.  After spending ten months among pediatric oncologists, I decided to follow in their footsteps.  I am aware that becoming a doctor is a big goal, but I am willing to try my hardest to accomplish this.  I feel that with my personal experience with cancer and with further education, I can truly make a difference in others' lives.

'Life goes on,' (Robert Frost) and with every experience you grow.  Cancer may have made my world stand still for ten months, but I continued to learn about life.  Take care of those who take care of you, always set high goals for yourself, and never give up.  Those three things are only a few lessons that I learned from my life-changing experience, with Ewing 's Sarcoma.

I am thrilled about the scholarship and the opportunity to meet so many great people.  Thank you so much Cancer Survivors' Fund for all your caring and support.

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