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A Success Story - Ashlie Fitch

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Ashlie with her Mom Pennye

August 2007


Ashlie Fitch

Ashlie is attending West Texas A&M University studying Business Administration. She has survived Pituitary Germinoma. In her own words:

"Reading began to get more difficult and my grades seemed to be falling yet I was working as hard as I ever had. This was six years ago when I told my mom that I thought I needed a contact in my left eye, which prompted a visit to the eye doctor. That was the day that I found out that I didnít have any vision in my left eye and that a large part of my vision in my right eye was affected. I had , a brain tumor. From that point on things have become more difficult and I have had to adjust and overcome the obstacles of a visually impaired person. The first time I was diagnosed with cancer I never expected it to happen and really didnít even know what cancer was. My life totally changed from that moment on.

My hope for the future is to graduate from college. I always thought that I wanted to be a lawyer but when I went through the experience of the cancer the first time I learned to cook and realized how much I love to treat my family and others with awesome meals. At that point I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a chef. My career goals are to get a degree in business administration. I would then like further my education and get a degree in hospitality management. Once I finish college, a goal of mine is to open a cafť and manage it successfully.

My hope in life is to brighten peopleís lives with my testimony and faith in God. Throughout my life I would like to work with people who face childhood cancer and itís side effects so that they can overcome the obstacles that they may face." 

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