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A Success Story - Aubrey Solazzo

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Aubrey Solazzo

Aubrey is a freshman at Navarro College studying Nursing. She has survived bone cancer. In her own words:

"My experience with cancer impacted my values such that now I value every day where as before I never had to really think about it. My illness impacted my career goals by getting to observe the medical field first hand. I want to work in the medical field is because I feel I have the experience and compassion it will take to care for people during their illness. My doctor and nurses at Children's Medical Center in Dallas were very helpful and compassionate. That is when I decided I wanted to be able to help people in the same manner that they helped me. I met a lot of kids with different kinds of cancer and different kinds of treatments, but we all seemed the same in the hospital dealing with issues. I feel I would be able to help deal with the devastation that cancer and other life threatening illness may bring. I would help them cope in the ways that I had to find to cope with my illness. I feel that my own experiences have given me a unique insight into the health care profession that few people have. I have the ability to set goals and accomplish them. I have survived a challenge with hope of helping other's with great positive outcome.

Academically, I feel I am a great student; hard working with a positive attitude and have good work ethics. It was the hardest thing last year to continue with school work while I was undergoing chemotherapy. So I just pushed on harder and harder so I could graduate on time with my class of 2005. I realized the importance of my education and I set goals for myself to pursue a degree as a registered nurse. I am motivated to achieve these goals that I set for myself and realize that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. I will also continue my volunteer work in the medical field while I am attending college. I have two sisters and my mom is a single parent. With the rising cost of education I know I can not do it on my own. The opportunity that CSF has provided me will open new doors for me and help me to realize my goals and dreams." 

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