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A Success Story - Billy Watkins III

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Our First Graduate Billy Watkins III 


Billy graduated from the University of Houston and received his degree in Accounting with a GPA of 3.25. He joined one of the prominent consulting firms in Houston. Congratulations Billy! The brightest of futures is all yours.

Billy Watkins III is from a tiny town of 2000 people in Missouri called Memphis.  He  joined the Navy at 17 and was doing exceptionally well.  After four years of active service he was picked up for an officer accession program in May of 2001 and chose the University of Houston to get his bachelors degree in Accounting.  Billy was under contract to go back into the military to become a pilot until he discovered a lump on his left testicle in January of 2002.  After two surgeries, and eight months of chemotherapy, and radiation he is now cancer free. His Navy career is over but he is thankful that he is still in college and working towards his accounting degree, which he says means the world to him. In his own words:

"The military has made me cherish my family and miss them but even when they are by your side in the hospital you still feel like you miss them when you are not sure of how long you are going to be with them.  I have two little sisters that I know will need my assistance to get through college because mom and dad never attended an institution of higher learning and do not realize the effort or expense.  I live for them, my mother, my father and for myself.

I used to be in a rush for everything and now I am calmer about everything.  Rich, poor, educated, naive, introverted, extroverted, I do not know what the best combination is to be a good person but I am hoping that the good Lord saved me because of something I have done like my volunteer service in Rhode Island or for something I have yet to do.

I used to be what I thought was high-strung, but now I like to think of it as just excited about life.  I will finish my degree and have a good life (key word here is LIFE) even though I cannot defend our country anymore, I know that I tried and I will still do something good for the world."

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