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A Success Story - Brian Kane

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Brian Kane

Receiving Joan F. Egan Memorial Award 

Brian Kane was diagnosed with Wilmís Tumor in his left kidney when he was two years old. He graduated in 2007 from the University of Texas in San Antonio. He received his Masterís Degree in Marketing Management with 4.00 GPA. He accepted a position at Microsoft. In his own words:

"There is nothing scarier in life than to feel you are in a situation to which you have no control over. I was diagnosed with a Wilmís Tumor in my left kidney, and it was removed when I was two years old. Because I have one remaining kidney my entire family became vegetarian to support my bodily condition.

Cancer has made me realize that although we shall never come close to control over our lives, having some empowerment is better than none. Cancer is not a dead end, simply an obstacle I must overcome. Cancer has also made me a more serious person. My life has almost ended once and I intend on doing whatever I can to ensure it does not end until I have accomplished my life goals. My parents are unable to support my tuition expenses, so scholarships and student loans fund my college education. I am thankful to Cancer Survivorsí Fund for helping me achieve my goals by assisting me financially and opening doors for me to achieve my dreams."


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