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A Success Story - Chad Tremont

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Chad is a sophomore at San Jacinto College studying Biology. He has survived lymphoma. In his own words:  

"Cancer has had a tremendous impact on my life. Almost all of which is positive impact. I know when I say it has had positive impact on my life, it can be hard to understand.

I educated my family and friends about my disease and precautions they could take to ensure a healthy life. Going through my chemotherapy was a tough time for me. I was sick a lot, but I made sure it didn't stop me from doing anything. It was tough for my family to see me the way I was, so I also made it a point to ensure them that everything would be alright. I was also changed in a way that I would of never dreamed. After awhile of having the disease I became comfortable with death. Death is a sad thing, but when faced with it directly, it can become something that is alright. I felt safe in God's hands, and I knew that if it was time, God knew best. I felt like my life was well lived. Now that I was given a second chance I intend on running with it. 

I think back on the past few years of my life and it has been hard, but when all things are weighed, it has been one of the greatest times of my life. I think I paid a small price to have been given the opportunity to meet the people I have met, and for the opportunity to be able to help others over their little bump in the road."

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