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A Success Story - Eda Eren

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Eda Eren with her mother Mujde

Eda is attending Palm Beach Community College studying to be a Dietician. She has survived Leukemia. In her own words:

"Cancer has changed my life tremendously. I was three years old first time I had leukemia. It was such a horrifying experience for me. When my friends are playing with their friends, sisters and brothers, I was sick and in the hospital almost every day. All I remember from that time were the big needles going to my arms, legs, and spine. Hurt so badly.

After all the sufferings my cancer came back when I was five years old. I felt like that I will be living rest of my life in hospitals. Years of chemotherapy killed my cancer but made my body so weak. Having pneumonia five times in one year was the hardest of all. I could not breathe or eat. I was hooked on many tubes. I had to stay in the cold sterile, isolated hospital rooms for months with my mother. My doctors had to use adult dose of chemo to save my life. When I got a little bit better then the next chemo phase started. Finally I was cancer free at the age of eight. It felt like I was borne again. My doctors and nurses at MD Anderson Hospital saved my life. I will always be grateful to them.

My parents did not have any health insurance. They had to sell our home to pay the hospital bills.  As a small child going through all the hardships and sufferings for five years made me realize later how lucky I was to have survived. Many of the kids I made friends with in the hospital unfortunately didn't survive. Fighting with cancer many years made me a "silent warrior" I had to learn to be a winner the hardest way, but I did. 

Cancer has impacted my life values and goals. I do believe that I was blessed with second and third chances to start my life. I learned at a very early age to thank God. I was blessed with wonderful, loving parents. They spend everything they had to save my life. My high school education was hard. During my early years I missed many classes. My cancer was gone but, as a side affect of my past chemotherapies my bones got very week. I had problems with my legs. At my senior year my mom had to take me to school with a wheel chair. I overcame that difficult time too. 

I was so excited to be a high school graduate. I had big dreams for my future. My family does not have any funds to send me to college. The scholarship I receive from CSF will help my dreams come true.  I would like to become a Dietician and work in a Children’s Hospital with the young cancer patients and feed them with delicious food and snacks during their treatments.

I am a very responsible, and a loving person. I am confident that I will be a good student and I am committed to make a big difference in the lives of young cancer patients. I will understand their feelings, problems and reach them with a very loving way."

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