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A Success Story - Frank Jones

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Frank Jones

Sharing his Success Story at the CSF Gala

 April 21, 2006 

Frank is a freshman at the University of North Texas studying towards a degree in Education. He has survived Angiosarcoma. Frank mentors students in the fourth grade at McAuliffe Elementary School. He plays sports with them and shares his experience on what it is like to be a teenager with an exceptional challenge. He says: “Participating in the Adopt an Athlete Program gave me the opportunity to gain experience working with children. I plan on continuing to be a mentor to young children while attending college to encourage them to be the best they can.” 

Frank’s personal Journey with Cancer: “Hi my name is Frank Jones. I think that most people would describe my personality as very out going and funny. I am very easy to get along with and enjoy making new friends. Since being diagnosed with cancer I think that I have come to value life more. I am more determined to exceed in life. I have continued to be very active in football even though it is a lot harder for me to play the game. I love the sport and wanted to be part of the team. I am very motivated and determined to succeed and be all that I can.

Having cancer has taught me many things about life and myself. At age sixteen I was diagnosed with angioscarcoma, a very rare type of cancer during the spring football off-season of my sophomore year of high school. My life then changed forever. When my doctor told me that my right arm and shoulder amputated, I broke down and cried. I knew that once this was done there would be many challenges that I would have to face in the future.

I believe that these challenges are the things that have helped me prepare for college and for the rest of my life. I had to learn that I could give up or press forward and get everything out of life that I make of it. I had to learn that there are people in this world who are different and how to care for people who have challenges. I also learned that I can help people see that differences aren’t always a bad thing. I had to learn how to write, tie my shoes, how to dress myself, and everything else that I used to do with two arms all over again. I think more important than anything else I realized how important it is for me to have an education. Looking into the future I know that having one arm will affect the type of work that I would be able to do on my own. I think going through this experience has given me strength, motivation, and the drive to become a better person and student. My goal after college is to work with kids and teach them to appreciate everything they have and to live everyday to the fullest knowing that you never know what will happen to you or someone you care about. I want to excel in life. I know that with your help I will be able to make my education plans a reality.”

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