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A Success Story - Jose Pacheco

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Jose with his mother Eudecia at CSF Gala

April 21, 2006

Jose is attending Houston Community College studying Biotechnology. He has survived osteosarcoma. In his own words:  

"My experience with osteosarcoma and the amputation of my right leg has really made me grow more as a person and I learned not to take life for granted. I feel much stronger than I did before. I see life differently; I feel that God left me here on earth for a purpose; to help those in need. This experience gave my life a whole different meaning spiritually and professionally.

I've always felt the need to help others even before my experience. My mission in life is to help others in any way I can. This experience has made my family and those around us stronger and brought us even closer. We all appreciate life as the gift that it is.

As for my career goals this experience with cancer has opened my mind to accomplish things that I did not even have in mind of doing, like becoming a medical assistant. Before all this college wasn't even a big deal, I knew it was important but I felt that college was only for smart people. I am glad that I continued with my education after high school, because this is what’s best for me and I know that I set a good example for my younger brothers. My experience with cancer has taught me to overcome obstacles and that anything is possible if I just set your mind to it.

I aspire a higher education than just a medical assistant; becoming a medical assistant is my first step towards a bright future in the medical field. The best advice I would give to all teenagers is to stay in school and never give up on their dreams. I feel that my life is going in the right direction and I know that I still have a long way to go. I am extremely to CSF is doing for providing me a state-of-the-art prostheses and help me to continue my studies."

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