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A Success Story - Joshua Duff

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Joshua Duff

Winner of Fall 2007 

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Josh graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas with a degree in accounting.  He is a Brain Tumor survivor.  In his own words:

“The date was June 14, 2005.  I could remember the day as if it were yesterday.  I went to the hospital and found out that I had a brain tumor.  I was just scared beyond belief, but also knew that I was in great hands medically and spiritually, I just prayed real hard to God for the surgery that was going to occur to me on June 20th to be a success.  Surgery happened and the prognosis was good, but my tumor was malignant, so I would have to have radiation treatment for six weeks.  My treatments were rough, and the radiation therapists were not effective in comforting me.  Because of the treatments, my entire diet changed.  For the longest time, I was only able to drink shakes.  It was a long road back.  During my treatments, my career aspirations would change.  I had gone from wanting to be a NASCAR driver, to a pace car driver, to a weather forecaster, to an accountant. 

I decided I wanted to major in Radiation Therapy.  I went through the experience and know what the people will experience, so I can be a powerful voice of comfort and strength to the people.  The amount of technology that is used, and the fact it is always evolving, makes this field exciting also. 

Thank you so much, Cancer Survivors' Fund.  I am very excited about this opportunity for my education, especially after having to go through so much with my brain tumor and cancer treatments."

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