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A Success Story - Karen Liang

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Karen with her mother Rosa at the CSF Gala


Karen graduated from Baylor University earning her degree in Chemistry. She has survived sarcoma. In her own words:

There are many things people take for granted.  It could be wealth, a roof over your head, people you love, or in my case, health.  For most of my life, I believed that my chance of getting cancer was approximately equal to my chance of winning something like the lottery; the odds seemed extremely minute.  Forget about getting cancer, I’ve never even broken an arm when many of the kids at school wore a cast on their freshly fractured limb.  This was what I believed until I fell into this 'minority.' 

All the hours I spent in the MD Anderson treatment rooms also taught me something important about my parents.  They love me more than I will ever know.  They guarded by my bed when I received my chemotherapy medicine.  Every single minute I spent there, why would be there for me.  Whenever I needed anything, they would do their best to ensure in my comfort.

As a child growing up, I went through many phases.  For a time, I wanted to be an actress.  Another period of time, I yearned to be a singer.  However, realistically,  I was only sure of one thing—it would be science related.  In my mind, I can see myself back at MD Anderson joining the team of doctors that aided in my recovery.  My goal now is to help people all over the world to diagnose any cancer in their body before it is too late. Although cancer is now a part of my past, the values I acquired during that time will always remain with me.

CSF has changed my life by giving me a chance to continue my studies and reach my goal. I am grateful for all the love and support I receive from my CSF family.”

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