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A Success Story - Minnie Hines-Chen

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Minnie Hines-Chen

Winner of Mrs. Jo Murphy Scholarship

Minnie has graduated from the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio, Texas in 2009.  Minnie has not allowed the loss of both her breasts to keep her from realizing she needs to pursue a career as an Oncology Nurse.  She has survived Breast Cancer.  In her own words:

I live my life on the perception and the belief that two people can look at the same exact picture and see something entirely different.  How you perceive your picture will in the end determine how you will utilize your life.

When I walked into the general surgery clinic, I had an excused absentee form in my hand.  I wasn't expecting to hear the words, 'The lump is breast cancer.'  At that point, what are you supposed to express?  Anger?  Fear?  Resentment?  No.  There is only room for one enemy in this battle and I knew I needed all my strength to conquer ad overcome this.

I attacked my first years of college with great study habits, dedication and drive - so how hard could the fight for my health be?  My battle was bigger than anyone, including my doctors, could ever imagine.  I was the youngest case of breast cancer anyone had ever seen and I was determined to make it the best success story they had ever heard. 

I knew I had the drive to make something of myself in the nursing field, but now I know I was CALLED to provide a duty to young adults and girls everywhere.

How many people have a chance to take an experience and utilize it in their everyday lives?  I know now that sometimes we have to overcome trials and tribulations to be able to better serve others during their time of need.

I need to give back and plan to be an avid worker in my cancer community.

I plan to spend my years relating and being there for patients in the oncology clinic working as a nurse of oncology.  I have been on both sides of the spectrum and can give back like to nurse can.  Patients old and young need a voice and no one should be overlooked, no matter what the statistic.

My path was halted, but not broken.  I will take this detour with pride and travel the road less taken.  Many others never even get the chance to take this ride of a lifetime, but I appreciate every scene in this journey of life.

Cancer Survivors' Fund is excited to travel the road less taken with Minnie as she reaches toward her goal of serving as an Oncology Nurse in her own unique way.

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