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Ruben Gonzalez

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CSF Advisory Board Member Ruben Gonzalez

with students Minnie Hines-Chen & Allison Bryce 

at CSF Annual Breakfast Meeting 3-24-07


How the achievements of great people can change your thinking.

by Ruben Gonzalez


When I was 10 and started dreaming of competing in the Olympics, I did not think it was a possible dream. After all, I was not a great athlete. I was always the last kid picked to play sports in P.E.
I needed to start believing in myself in order to start taking action. Lack of self-belief results in fear of failure, and that's what keeps people from pursuing their dreams. After all, if you don't believe you can achieve your dream, why even try?  Once you believe, you are ready to commit to taking action. And believe me; success requires taking MASSIVE ACTION - for a long time. Unless you commit, you'll never make your dream come true.

To help my self-belief, dad got me to read biographies. Dad said, "Ruben, why don't you read some biographies - the stories of great people. If you read about the lives of people you look up to, people you admire, you'll learn what works and what doesn't work in life, because success leaves clues." Then he backed off and let the books work their magic.

I've already talked about finding success clues in the biographies of great people, and how I learned that successful people think differently.

The great thing for my self-belief was that I started to think differently. After reading the stories of people who had overcome great odds to realize their dreams, I realized that ordinary people could accomplish the extraordinary if they followed success principles. I realized that I could do it, too!

Put it into action:
Read the biography of a successful person. Read the Success Stories here at Success Magazine. If you don't like to read, tune in to the Biography Channel! Before long you'll start to believe that you can do it, too.

The Champion's Creed

by Ruben Gonzalez


I am a champion. I have the will to win. I have the will to overcome handicaps and disappointments of any kind. I am emotionally strong and I understand that winning and losing are just part of the game. I set high goals and work hard to achieve them. I have the ability to summon great reserves to rise to the occasion.

I am a champion. I believe I will win. I am positive I will win. My attitude is one of cool, positive, aggressive confidence. I am emotionally strong. I donít let anything bother me. I just keep pushing on. I have courage. I have the ability and the will to get up off the floor and to come from behind to win. I never give up. I have tremendous concentration. I focus all my faculties on the job at hand. 

I am a champion. I love the struggle. I love the competition. The tougher the competition the better. I stay relaxed and emotionally in control under any conditions.

 I am a champion and I will win.

Visit Ruben at his website

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