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A Success Story - Rudy De Leon

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Rudy with CSF Founder Yeshim Yonter 

at CSF Gala

April 21, 2006

Rudy graduated from Houston Community College in 2008 earning his Associate Degree Biotechnology. He has survived Hodgkin's Disease. In his own words:  

"I wish I could say I began with a complementary bang, but unfortunately my intentions were quickly yielded. Prior to my admittance I had already fallen physically, emotionally and financially due to several medical misfortunes. This wall of inconvenience affected me before, during and presently in my scholastic years. When I was fifteen I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Two years had past after receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy when the cancer had affected my brain leaving me in an extremely obscure situation. Learning to walk, write and speak again led me to believe there is so much more to be learned. After two years of recovery from these dire consequences I was once more reminded of this lesson. The same cancer had spread to my lymph nodes near my abdomen. Even though I was stricken with such misery I still managed to complete my high school education and pursue future ambitions. With time my grades have suffered but have recently begun to rise now that my mentality has reached stability and equilibrium. Now that I have sustained this level I am willing to excel in Pre-med/ Biology.   

My medical conditions have inspired me to pursue the field of Biological research, but this is not the only reason I have chosen this career goal. Research of the function in human cells is my direct passion and I am willing to take it to next level by any means necessary. I am fascinated everyday on the purpose of each individual cell. How they initiate the beginning and the end of all of the human body’s coordination and being. Assisting the aid of people on a more cellular level rather than actually being involved physically can be extremely helpful. Given the proper opportunity I myself will be one of those who will help out others. These personal goals and ambitions of mine will be satisfied to the full extent through further education. I am grateful to CSF for giving me the opportunity to pursue my goals and eventually reach my dream."

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