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A Success Story - Sarah Scutt

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Sarah Scutt 

Sarah graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 2011 majoring in Biology/Pre-Med.  Due to her experience with cancer, Sarah has decided to pursue a career has a Hematologist or Oncologist.  She has survived Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).  In her own words:

“To say that my experience with cancer has impacted my life values and career goals is definitely an understatement.  My encounter with this foul disease has changed everything about me.

Before the grueling chemotherapy treatments started, I valued petty things such as my cell phone and new car.  Now I hold these possessions close because they're my link to my amazing family members and supportive friends.  My time with these individuals is much more important and rewarding since my diagnosis.

Previous to the days of my cancer, I'd whine and complain about a simple headache or small allergy.  Right after the identification of my leukemia, I realized that there were going to be more harsh days of health ahead, and that I had been small-minded about my previous 'sicknesses.'  This has taught me to value my health and ability to walk, run and exercise.

After meeting several small and amazing children at the hospital I attended who had it far worse than I did, I learned a lot about courage and bravery.  No matter what the situation that I am to face, I now value my boldness, guts and determination.

Other small life values such as the beauty of the earth, laughter, and smiling have become very important to me. 

Walking into an intimidating exam room for my chemotherapy treatments was never something I looked forward to.  However, when my remarkable doctor walked in with his inviting smile, my nerves always seemed to diminish.  Because of this and many other things, I've decided to pursue a career in the medical field.  When I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher or publicist, but now I'd love to become a physician.  More specifically, I'd like to turn out to be a Hematologist or Oncologist.  My experiences with cancer have taught me a lot about the disease, and I find a great interest in it.  I also have a passion for helping people, especially young kids.  Hopefully with my knowledge of cancer, I would be able to make it easier for children who are suffering emotionally and physically.

As you can see, cancer has definitely impacted my life values and career goals.  Although my encounter with cancer was not always inviting, I wouldn't change the experience for anything in the world.  It has taught me so many things about myself and has had such a positive influence on my goals and values.  I'm thankful to have had this disease.

We are thankful to have Sarah join our Cancer Survivors' Fund family.  We look forward to providing resources and encouragement to Sarah as she pursues her dream of becoming a hematologist or oncologist.

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