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A Success Story - Thomas Helesic

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Thomas Helesic

Tom has graduated from Texas State University, in 2010 majoring in Family and Consumer Science.  He has survived Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).  After watching his doctor fight his own cancer while continuing to help heal others, Thomas has been inspired to change his career goals to becoming a Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist.  In his own words:

During my journey through cancer, I have met a lot of cancer patients and I realized that I want to help spread my love and care to other kids by being a pediatric hematologist/oncologist.  I saw the way people trusted them to take care of them and also seeing the way the doctors used what they know to help heal these kids.  See my doctor was a great doctor.  He also was fighting cancer at the same time he was helping treat us.  Even though he had cancer, it didn't stop him from spreading his love and care to us.  Every time I was in Dr. Lazarus' office, he was always cheering everyone up because he didn't like to see us down.  So he would always be singing songs, making animal noises, and telling us jokes.  With all this tremendous help, love and care, it has helped me to overcome my own fear of dying and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.  

As a doctor, I want to help sick children, and to show them the way to beat their cancer.  My own painful experience would be my magic tool in treating my patients with love and care.

Thomas is the winner of the Ayse Nova LLC Scholarship.  We look forward to providing resources and encouragement to Thomas as he pursues his dream of becoming a pediatric hematologist/oncologist.

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