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A Success Story - Timothy Hollins

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Timothy Hollins

Sharing His Success Story - 2007 CSF Gala  

Tim is attending Houston Community College, working toward an Associates Degree.  He has survived Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL).  He is excited about his second chance allowing him to pursue the career he loves.  In his own words:

“It was September 15, 2003.  I was a typical 23 year old man, relatively happy, with hopes, and dreams, and goals.  Top of my game, I just started a new job at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I thought I was indestructible.  But what I didn't realize was that a big piece of irony was about to fall from the sky and hit me in the head in a big way. 

All sorts of thoughts started pouring into my head, all the things I'll never get a chance to do.  Will I ever see my baby sister grow up?  Will I even get the chance to start a family myself?

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I refused to let my experience with this disease impact my life in a negative way.  I just fell back on my father's teachings.  He always would tell us, 'If life throws something your way that's out of your ability to control, pray and put it in God's hands.  Allow him to carry that burden, and dwell on it no longer, for it is out of your hands.'  So I just kept on living like I always have, with the inclusion of the routine chemo sessions.

Even though my treatment went well, being diagnosed with cancer has really opened my eyes and mind.  I am going to take this second chance and accomplish those tasks that I set for myself, pursue the career that I want to do, not just for the money, but pursue a career I love.  Because life is precious and extremely short, and I will take my life and live vicariously for those cancer patients whose prognosis isn't well, or know for certain that they will never get better and make good use of this second chance God has blessed me with.”

Timothy is the winner of the US Oncology Scholarship.  Cancer Survivors' Fund will be at his side as he uses his second chance to find reach his hopes, dreams and  goals.

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